Moonlit Citrine: A Quirky Paranormal Romance (Moonlit Falls Book 5)

Moonlit Citrine: A Quirky Paranormal Romance
Moonlit Falls Book 5

What do I want most in the world?

Chicken nuggets.

No, Citrine! That isn’t a normal answer. What I want most is a family.

Since my grandma died, I’ve been on my own. It’s lonely, but the least of my worries when you consider my hairy little problem.

Fate must hate me… or maybe not.

After a destined date at Jewels Cafe, everything changes. My mate bond activates, and boy is it a doozy.

Now I’m being pulled in four different directions, and I must say…it’s not a bad thing. But when problems arise at my birthday party, I question our bond.

I just got this new family, and I won’t be giving it up that easy.

Watch out world. I’m Citrine Shephard, and I’m about to unleash the beast.

I just need one more chicken nugget… for the road.



A Hexual Misfortune

A Hexual misfortune

What happens when you mix a witch who can’t do magic, a bite of hexed cookie, her brother’s best friend, and a cocky racer who insists on tagging along?

Throw in two goofy neighbors, a mysterious warlock, and some nearly impossible tasks, and you’ve got yourself a classic misfortune with a hexual twist!



Kicking It with the Point Guard: Sports Collection (Fox Academy Book 1)

kicking it with the point guard: Sports Collection
Fox Academy Book 1
Violet Miller wants to accomplish three things this year… Pass math class, keep her scholarship, and avoid drama.

Cue Cameron Jones. Basketball star and apparent math wizard.

After a few study sessions with the hunky athlete, Violet isn’t confident that she’ll be returning to classes next spring. And avoiding drama is impossible when she has to be so close to a man whose popularity doesn’t end on the basketball court.

As the two draw closer, Cameron isn’t the only one playing defense. Violet finds herself guarding her heart. With finals looming, she can’t afford to be distracted. Will she make the pass? Or take the shot?



Whimsical Witch

Whimsical Witch: A Quirky Urban Fantasy Romance

Life’s been kinda odd lately.

You see, I’ve always been able to see between here and this other world. It’s all forest-y and nature-y there, and it’s got my spirit friends. I like to crochet them little bodies so they can hang out with me in our world. But it’s also got scruffledorfs, no toilets, and recently I seem to get stuck over there more and more.

The other day, when the moon was all red and pretty, a handsome Fae fellow appeared, saying something all ominous about a curse and doom.

But I can fix this. I just have to find my mates, then go to this place called Spells Hollow… and defeat some ancient evil being while I’m there…

Finding my mates is the easy part, thanks to Mr. Fae Fellow. Getting them to come with me to… where are we going again? For what now? Oh well, I’m sure we will figure it out.



Well Played: A Sports Romance Anthology (Romance Café Collection Book 29)

Well Played: A Sports Romance Anthology
Romance Café Collection

True love often isn’t a slam dunk.

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you fumble.

You want to get to loving strokes and fore play but there may be hurdles to overcome.

If a happily ever after is your goal, step up to the plate and hope you don’t strike out.

Well Played, the first Sports Romance collection from The Romance Cafe is coming in 2024.



Deity Bound: A Gods and Goddesses Paranormal Anthology for Charity (Romance Café Collection Book 30)

Deity Bound: A Gods and Goddesses Paranormal Anthology for Charity
Romance Café Collection

Eternity breaks the smallest souls, but a god will never be ruined…except perhaps by the one who holds their heart.

The one who can rip at their soul or soothe it because it was always theirs.

But after an eternity alone, can a god give back the love given them, or wreak havoc upon a mortal’s soul?

Read the best USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors in a spicy gods and goddesses collection for charity curated by The New Romance Café, with all proceeds going to the fight against Multiple Sclerosis.